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Removing My Inner Blockages to Love: How A Course in Miracles Transformed My Life
Coming Out as Embodiments of God Herself: Why is It so Difficult?
Notes Concerning the Eight "Flog Passages"
Affirming Queer Spirituality in a Sometimes Hostile World
When the Bible Speaks Concerning Homosexuality, Why Does It Seem to Say Different Things to Different People?
Islamic Feminism Clarifies the Tasks of Christian Feminists
Feminism and Evangelicalism
Christian Patriarchy Yet Once More
An Open Letter to the Council of Bishops of the United Methodist Church
Fear and Wonder
The Biblical Basis for Male-Female Equality
The Androgyny of Jesus
My Life So Far by Jane Fonda - Book Review
Another Way of Seeing: The Teachings of a Course in Miracles by Louise A. Poresky, Ph.D - Book Review
Love by Toni Morrison - Book Review
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